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the revolutionary new
concept in exercising
and training your dog

Makes A Great Gift!
WoofStick Package

The Woofstick includes:
• Collapsible Woofstick
• Plush Bone Toy
• Shoulder Carrying Case
• Foldable Water Bowl
• Exercise & Training Guide


Recommended by the SPCA, Humane Societies and Professional Dog Trainers Nationwide

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The Best 5-Minute Workout Your Dog Can Get!

The Woofstick (Pat. Pending) is a revolutionary way to exercise and train your dog. It is constructed of lightweight, high-quality aluminum and is fully collapsible for ease of transport and storage. It comes complete with a sturdy nylon shoulder carrying case, a soft and plush “bone” toy for use with the Woofstick, and a foldable outdoor water bowl to keep your dog properly hydrated.

  • Helps dogs of all sizes keep fit and healthy

  • Gives your dog a full workout in five minutes plus combats dog obesity

  • Great tool to have when the weather’s bad or you’re short on time or space

  • Use in any venue, from a large park to a small backyard or even indoors

  • Adjustable 10-foot cord attaches to the toy and winds onto a storage reel at the base of the Woofstick

  • Cord can be adjusted for length while you play … optimizing the involvement between you, your dog and your surroundings.

  • The Woofstick is especially suited for those who can’t walk their dog; it works with full range-of-motion while sitting in a chair

  • Bone toy includes a “treat slot” and toy is removable for cleaning or replacement

GUARANTEE The simplest there is … if you and your dog don’t think your Woofstick is great in every way, just send it back within 30-days of receipt. Your money will be promptly refunded, less shipping and handling.

Special Bonus Offer: Buy Two, 2nd Ships Free! (Both must be included in the same order and shipped to the same address)

The Woofstick Package is $39.95 plus S+H Buy Now